Stone Surface offers everything you need for your kitchen and bath.

We stock well over 300 granite slabs, one of the largest on-site granite slab selections in the area. We scour quarries and distributors to locate and stock the granite slabs with the most value and beauty. Because we stock so many colors in large quantities, our buying power allows us to offer them at the best price in the market. We also offer lines of Quartz products; our own stock line, as well as Silestone, LX Viatera, Vadara, and Wilsonart available for special order .


Our inventory is grouped into four price categories.

Please Note: Pricing and stock availability is subject to change.

For the most up to date information please give us a call or visit our showroom.

Group A (LOW)

Group B (MEDIUM)

Group C (HIGH)


Stock Quartz Options

Special Order Quartz Options

Wilsonart installers
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What’s so special about marble?

Marble is elegant, versatile and durable, but it also needs special care as it can stain from certain liquids or oils, it is sensitive to acids like citrus juices, vinegar or household cleaning chemicals. All of these can and will damage its surface.

Taking care of your marble as soon as it is installed will go a long way with its preservation and save restoration costs in the long run.

  • Marble is a natural product that is more porous than granite and therefore, more susceptible to staining and chipping
  • Marble is a soft material which will easily scratch
  • Marble comes with surface scratches and fissures (a form of crack that has no stone content and is usually filled with clear resin)
  • Marble has extrusions (small visual cracks that are not faults in the marble slab)
  • Marble has marks of efflorescence (appears as a white powdery residue on the surface of the stone)
  • Marble can come with shade, veining, and pattern variances from one end of the slab to the other
  • Marble loses shine with wear
  • Marble requires frequent applications of sealant
  • Seams in marble countertops are visible and felt when you run your hand along it
  • Marble is not recommended for use in kitchen


We offer several different types of edges for you to choose from, please be sure to let us know what appeals to you during the design process.

  • The Standard – Base offering, no additional fee
  • Upgrade / Premium / Custom edges – Available upon request for an additional fee