We offer a basic variety of under mounted and apron front 18g stainless steel kitchen sinks. We can also work with you on a custom sink order. Click on a sink image below for specifications. (The outside measurements are listed on the specification sheets)

AS333 Lrg Pro Sink
AS307 Sm Pro Sink
AS128 Equal Double Sink
AS242 Porcelain Farm Sink
AS340 Stainless Steel Sink
AS113 Sm Bar Sink
AS334 Pro Bar Sink
AS130 Lrg Rounded Sink


All of our vanity sinks are under-mount, white porcelain.

AS202 Sm Oval porcelain sink
AS204 Lrg Oval porcelain sink
AS222 Sm Rec porcelain sink
AS225 Lrg rec porcelain sink


We can also build you a custom sink to give your kitchen or bath that truly unique design. Contact us today for more information about your dream sink; we can work with you on a design to fit your needs.